There is no doubt anglers catch more carp using high-quality boilies. Boilies also tend to catch the bigger fish. This is a trend I've observed on a weekly basis, since taking over the fishery. Pellets are also extremely effective, if used correctly. Plenty of anglers try particles and maggots, with the aim of being different to the norm, but it's rare for this approach to work well, seems like they are fussy eaters!

James Mackay (fishery owner)


Chocolate Cream Boilies

Highest-quality tiger nut meal with human-graded roasted peanut, milk proteins and carbohydrates. Utilising an inclusion of yeast-base feed triggers and an active digestive accelerator. A sweet, nutty chocolate cream smell with a hint of banana. These boilies have been fed to the carp for a number years, to the extent that they now see them as a natural food source. Every year, this bait's results seem to get better and better. If you're unsure about what boilies to use, get on the Chocolate Creams and use with 100% confidence. On the quiet, these incredible baits have also been taking other waters apart!

1kg £8.99

5kg £40


Pick and Mix Pellets

 Regularly fed, the carp have been brought-up on these pellets and see them as natural food. When introduced to the water the feeding response is often incredible; catnip for carp! Made with the specific nutritional needs of carp in mind and produced to the highest standards using the best ingredients available, we think these are the best pellets money can buy. Create your own pellet mix at the fishery by scooping what you want from the containers and paying for final weight.

Best. High levels of blood meal. Protein 38% Oil 15%

Primo.  Utilising quality fish-meals. Protein 37% Oil 12% 

Classic Vitamax.  Packed with vitamins. Protein 30% Oil 7%  

£2.50 per kg 

£2 per kg for quantities over 5kg


Creepy Caravan Popups

Classic Milk Chocolate.   Proven, consistent and reliable. Pure White, with an ultra-consistent chocolate flavour that's stood the test of time. Very effective as a single hookbait, but also works well over a bed of bait, as the colour looks similar to a washed-out boilie. 

Chocolate Cream.  Uses the same attractor package as the Chocolate Cream boilies. If you're looking for a hookbait that's proven to be deadly, but at this point in time has rarely been used on other waters, this is the one for you. 

Delph Specials. A close eye is kept on what popups are working at East Delph Lakes, then a limited-edition small batch is produced to match. Contact fishery for information about current flavour/attractor package. 


£12 for set of 3