The security gate and moat makes the fishery extremely secure. The only people allowed on the fishery are the anglers booked to fish and the bailiffs. There is no running water or electricity, so please make sure you come equipped. Anglers doing longer than 48-hours can have unlimited water refills free of charge and power-packs can also be recharged. The compost loo is basic, but very clean. A good variety of takeaways deliver to the fishery gate. Some wheelbarrows are available to borrow for the short walk to swims, but during busy times, it's advisable to bring your own. 4G internet connection is excellent 


East Delph Lakes Propolis

 Over 20-years of international research has proven Propolis (a natural product of honey bees) has amazing anti-bacterial properties, sticking to wet mucus far better than ANYTHING else available today. Propolis helps avoid damage to new tissue formation and is effective against a range of bacteria, fungi and even viral infections. It cleans and seals ulcers, sores, raised scales and wounds to body and mouth. As Propolis contacts water, a waxy seal forms. Sold at the fishery for the lowest price possible, we believe every angler should carry some. 



Creepy Caravan


 The Creepy Caravan is one of the best know swims on the Back Lake. It inspired well-known artist, Craig Stannard, to create this design. Stickers are available at the fishery. Hoodies and t-shirts from spring 2020.