Located near Peterborough, the fishery is moderately hard to find. To avoid frustration please take a moment to digest the directions. As no property is attached to the fishery there is no postcode. The postcode below is for the nearest house, but it will not get you all the way.



From the A47 (Peterborough) take the A605 east towards Whittlesey and Wisbech. In the centre of Whittlesey turn left and take the B1040 towards Thorney. The fishery is located about half a mile north of Whittlesey. The fishery sign, for reasons of privacy and security, is deliberately set well back from the road. However, that does make it easy to miss on your first visit!  Look for a long straight track on the right-hand side of the road. Just before the track, there is a road sign facing the wrong way with two triangles.


Follow the bumpy track and look out for the fishery security gate on the left. Please note the track is unsuitable for lowered vehicles.


This is the fishery security gate. Make sure you don't continue down the track as it's only suitable for off-road vehicles past this point.