East Delph Lakes is a very special place and the management works hard to provide carp anglers with the highest-quality day-ticket experience possible. Secure, friendly and safe, it's a place to enjoy carp fishing at its best. To uphold this philosophy, rules are taken seriously, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself prior to arrival. Bailiffing is polite, friendly but proactive.

James Mackay (fishery owner)



1. The fishery provides landing nets, water buckets, unhooking mats and weigh slings. Under no circumstances bring any of these items onto the fishery. 

2. The otter gate must be closed immediately behind you at all times.   

3. Lock the car park gate straight after entry/exit. Do not let anyone through the car park gate other than yourself and your group.

4. No entry/exit from fishery between 5pm – 9am (or hour before dusk– 9am winter), except in an emergency.


Equipment and bait

5. Strict two rod limit, without exception. Minimum test curve 2lb.

6. Minimum line strength 12lb. No braided mainline on baited rods.

7. No artificial baits. (Artificial baits are permitted on zig rigs over 3.5ft in length)

8. No floating loose feed. Floating hook baits permitted. 

9. Microbarbed hooks only.

10. No leadcore or leaders of any description. 

11. Leads, feeders or controller floats must be able to detach from line under light pressure.

12. Baitboats allowed.


 Carp welfare

13. Do not retain carp for more than 20-minutes. Lift carp from water in a collapsed landing net or preferably a weigh sling. Fish must be held low over a mat/cradle for photographs. Use a weigh sling to return the fish.

14. No casting over half way regardless of how busy the lake is. 

15. No rods left unattended. 

16. In the unlikely event of seeing a dead or unwell carp call fishery management immediately.  07473154208 

17. Inform fishery management of any snagged tackle or fish. Do not pull for a break. If possible we will assist immediately. 


Bankside etiquette  

18. Alcohol permitted, in moderation.

19. Take all litter home.

20. Do not damage marginal plants or trees. 

21. Music/radios/phones must not be audible by other anglers. 

22. Bivvy lighting must be dim and not visible from opposite banks.

23. Set up bivvy so wheelbarrow can pass. Do not bivvy up on the grass.

24. Guests (partners/children only) and dogs by prior arrangement before booking.

25. BBQ with permission only. No fires.