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  East Delph Lakes has a policy of only introducing young English carp. We take an enormous amount of pride and satisfaction in growing on small fish rather than simply buying 'bigger ones'. Since 2014, the Long Lake has been exclusively used as the 'growing on' lake and had been closed to angling. Every year some are transferred to the other two lakes, but the remainder of the stock stays put. Only a small percentage is caught when 'harvesting', this means there are plenty of uncaught fish present to an unknown size. Carp to well over 20lb have been spotted, but the majority of the fish will probably average low doubles. In 2020, the Long Lake will be opened for limited 'test fishing'. This exciting transition phase is the 'next step' to the lake being fully open as a fishery in the near future.

  Approximately two-acres, the Long Lake offers natural grassy banks and - as yet - no permanent swims, making it the perfect lake for anglers who love stalking. A six-angler limit will allow plenty of scope for those that 'like to get away from the crowds'. With eight islands, the Long Lake is packed with fish-holding features. The lake bed is very silty in places so it's recommended that anglers identify one of the numerous firmer areas to fish over. 

Book by calling James on 07473154208.  

24 hour session  £20

Long Lake exclusive (whole lake) £100

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( short film of how we 'harvest'